About us

About Us

In the spring of 1974, while playing our beloved Dodgers, Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s homerun record. A fewdays before that historic moment, a great company was quietly founded just outside of Downtown Los Angeles.

Linco’s doors first opened on April 1, 1974. The company was the brainchild of a few recently unemployed salespeople from Greens Material Handling Equipment, a company that had just shuttered its doors weeks earlier. One of those salesmen was Harold Patterson, a stoic, Korean War Veteran whom we would eventually call Grandpa. Harold disliked his given name to the extent that he insisted everyone call him “H”.

“H” was an ornery cuss. The third born of ten kids. He was a hardworking product of the Great Depression, and while he wasn’t the original owner of Linco, H was ambitious enough to eventually work his way into the Owner/CEO role. It’s a great story actually. One that is charged with accusations of embezzlement and secret payouts that’s best told over a few beers. Under H’s watch, Linco grew into one of the largest and most respected caster distributors in the entire US.

Eventually, Harold would enlist the help of his middle child, Steve. While Steve didn’t have a cool one-letter nickname, he did have a great business mind, and a willingness to adapt to the world that was changing around him. Linco went from a company that mainly relied on local suppliers to support local customers, to a company that had an internationally recognized brand. Linco ‘s presence grew in Mexico,


Canada, Europe, and Asia. He also grew the company’s market share across the US. Under Steve’s watch, Linco rooted themselves in the promise to be the most dependable Caster, Wheel, and Handtruck supplier to an expanding and elite list of customers throughout the world. Now that we have our history out of the way, we’d like to talk about Linco’s current team. Steve is still a daily fixture at Linco’s corporate office. However we – Ryan and Evan Patterson - have taken the helm, and are steering this ship down, what we think will be, a fun and exciting course! Our first venture has been the creation of ShopLinco.com



We would be remiss to not acknowledge the great people that make Linco a community, and not just a company. Linco has always been synonymous with great customer service. It has been the bedrock of the company, and one of the things that has always set us apart from other companies in our space. We've had a lot of great people, and characters grace the halls of our Corporate HQ, and we wouldn't be where we are today without their hardwork.

From our Sales team to our Accounting Department to our Shipping and Receiving staff, Linco currently has one of the best teams that our company has ever assembled.




This puts us in a position to provide our customers with the best product offering, quick delivery, and detail oriented customer service that we’ve ever had. Take a look around our site, let us know what you think. If you need a helping hand, reach out to any of us at any time. Thanks for being a part of our journey, we can’t wait for what the next chapter has in store.

Thanks again for listening. Now that you know our story, let us help you create yours. Anything you need for your business or home – even if it’s just advice on selecting the right product for your project -- feel free to contact us via phone, email, or any of our social media!

Ryan & Evan, Co-CEO's; Linco