Best Casters for Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors are known to be durable and resistant to damage. However, you’ll want to keep them looking new, well-maintained, and scratch-free. Wondering what caster wheels to use on vinyl floors?

Below, we’ll talk about the best casters for vinyl floors to ensure maximum protection and experience the best results.

Casters and Their Applications

Casters refer to non-powered wheels that are attached to the bottom of bigger objects to allow movement. You can find caster wheels everywhere, including office chairs, hospital beds, shopping carts, platform trucks, bakery equipment, food service equipment, warehouse racks, and more.

The two basic types of casters are swivel and rigid casters. Swivel casters can swivel 360 degrees, enabling movements in different directions. They’re also ideal for small spaces and corners. Some swivel casters include locks to ensure straight lines and easier transport.

Meanwhile, rigid casters or fixed casters cannot swivel in a 360-degree range. Instead, they can only roll forward and backward. However, they are suitable for moving items in straight lines. They’re also great for heavier loads.

Casters are available in different sizes, load ratings, materials, and overall heights to accommodate varying needs and work environments. Regardless of the purpose of using casters, you can take advantage of their impressive properties, including resistance to corrosion, weather, and water.

To choose the right caster, you’ll need to consider factors like the weight that they should be able to accommodate and the type of floor. If you need to transport heavier items, then you’ll need thicker wheels. You might also need several wheels to carry bigger items for an even distribution of weight. Furthermore, you should choose casters suitable for a certain type of floor, like vinyl floor casters.

Best Caster Options for Vinyl Flooring

To offer excellent floor protection and smooth operation, use the best casters for vinyl flooring.

Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Casters Wheels

Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) caster wheels are also called synthetic rubber, elastomer wheels, and based on their chemical name, polypropylene. Various manufacturers utilize other chemicals to create unique properties for these TPR caster wheels.

One of the best caster options for vinyl flooring, TPR casters wheels offer great vinyl floor protection. They allow smooth rolling and quiet operation. Moreover, TPR wheels provide great shock and impact absorption. Hence, your objects or equipment are well-protected during transportation or repeated use.

Furthermore, thermoplastic rubber casters wheels are resistant to oils, acids, water, alcohol, and cleaning chemicals. They’re also resistant to high temperatures and other elements. At LINCO, we offer heavy-duty swivel casters with rubber wheels. Made of top-quality materials, these TPR casters include a premium-grade polyolefin core detail. It’s perfect for coffee tables, ingredient bins, small dollies, office chairs, and other furniture on vinyl flooring and other surfaces.

Polyurethane Casters Wheels

The best casters for vinyl floors also include polyurethane casters wheels. Polyurethane is known for its durability and superb shock absorption. It can accommodate heavier loads compared to other wheel materials.

Moreover, polyurethane casters wheels help protect vinyl flooring from damage. They’re non-marking, flexible enough, and allow even weight distribution. Hence, you can confidently transport items or continuously use your office chairs without causing unnecessary and costly issues to your floor.

These kinds of caster wheels are also slip-resistant, thanks to polyurethane. Thus, you can avoid accidents and you don’t have to exert much effort just to move the wheel or your items.

Polyurethane casters wheels are resistant to oils and harsh chemicals. They help with noise reduction as well. When it comes to dispelling debris, polyurethane casters wheels do not disappoint.

We at LINCO offer heavy-duty office chair casters with polyurethane swivel wheels. They offer an electro-coated finish for better corrosion resistance. Regardless of your caster needs for particular flooring, LINCO has a wide range of top-notch swiveling casters and wheels for you.

Final Thoughts

Want to keep your vinyl floors looking great and increase their longevity? You can replace your current wheels with the best casters for vinyl floors, namely thermoplastic rubber casters wheels and polyurethane casters wheels. Both offer excellent non-marking floor protection. They’re also resistant to oil, water, harmful chemicals, and corrosion. Check out our page to find more casters suitable to your needs or contact us today!