Best Wheels for Cement Floors

When it comes to industrial work and warehousing, there is no denying the value of wheels and various wheeled equipment on the job. The simple addition of these wheels can make transportation much easier, faster, and safer.

However, not all wheels are made equal. As with anything we invest our hard-earned money into, we want to get premium quality materials and equipment each time. Here are a few considerations and options to remember when choosing the best wheels for cement floors,

Factors To Consider When Choosing Wheels

Most warehouses have cement flooring. It doesn’t matter much whether the cement floor is finished or unfinished. In both cases, the floor exhibits similar qualities: incredibly durable, unyielding, and able to withstand heavy loads.

The downside to cement floors, though, is that they can be uncomfortable and prone to moisture penetration or loss if not sealed properly. When this happens, cracks on the cement are likely to appear.

All these characteristics are crucial when choosing the best cement floor wheels. For a wheel type or material to be considered the best, it needs to perform the following:

  • Roll smoothly on hard floors
  • Take on heavy weight or load capacity
  • Roll well even over cracks
  • Have good durability

Highly Recommended Cement Floor Wheels

Based on these requirements, here are our picks for the best wheels for cement floors:

Soft Rubber Wheels

Rubber wheels are one of the most popular types of cement floor wheels. Hard rubber wheels will work on cement if necessary, but if you want the best wheels for cement floors, make sure to get soft rubber wheels instead of hard ones.

Due to their elastic nature, soft rubber wheels are more flexible. This helps rubber wheels withstand deformation while also offering a measure of protection for the floor. It also contributes toward a quiet glide.

Nylon Wheels

Nylon is another of our wheel picks for cement flooring. This material has incredible resistance to abrasion, wear and tear, and hard impact. Nylon wheels are built to withstand spills, debris, and other things an industrial warehouse or setting may throw at them.

These wheels can be quite loud on cement, though. This makes nylon the best wheels for cement floors in warehouses, storage facilities, and other places that are not easily disturbed by loud noises. Nylon is a great budget option as well.

Polyurethane Wheels

Like rubber and nylon wheels, polyurethane is one of the best wheels for cement floors. The polyurethane tread wheels offer easy rollability, high load capacities, and equally great chemical resistance. They can withstand most chemicals, oils, and debris.

Moreover, these wheels glide more quietly than nylon wheels and offer amazing floor protection, meaning they do not damage or mark floors. Lastly, polyurethane wheels also offer some degree of shock absorption.

Phenolic Wheels

Phenolic wheels are made from resin and macerated fabric. They have properties that make them highly recommended for cement floors. Take note that this is generally only the case for smooth and dry cement floors.

These wheels are floor protective. They have high resistance against grease, gasoline, oil, and even mild acids. However, phenolic wheels are not recommended for use in wet flooring, despite their high resistance to certain liquids.

Another downside to phenolic wheels is that they can show signs of wear and pick up debris easily. This can cause debris build-up and make it harder to push equipment.

Cast Iron Wheels

Our last recommendation is cast iron wheels. These types of wheels are able to take on high load capacity without disturbing their smooth roll, which greatly raises their ease of use.

Since cast iron wheels have no other material covering them, they are highly abrasion-resistant. At the same time, this means they can mark or damage flooring materials that are less durable.

This makes them perfect for use in warehouses and other industrial settings that may have cracked cement flooring, which can sometimes wear down other types of wheels.

Get the Best Wheels for Cement Floors

In general, we highly recommend soft tread wheels as the best wheels for cement floors, especially soft rubber, nylon, and polyurethane. Other types of wheels that are excellent to use on cement floors are polyolefin, thermoplastic rubber, and pneumatic wheels.

For more questions on finding the best cement floor wheels or other industrial wheels, visit our online store. For any inquiries on orders and supply concerns, call LINCO at (866) 306-9566.

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