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Easily Transport Heavy Items Smoothly with the Right Caster

LINCO casters are available in different styles, designs, and materials. While they may all have the same function, choosing the right caster can make work far easier. Each caster has a specific purpose that allows it to work within varying conditions. Some are better for indoor spaces, while others work best in industrial sites.

Knowing what caster to use for the type of work you’re doing is essential to making the most out of your purchase. Here are some benefits of choosing the right one:


Casters have the purpose of helping transport items and improving movement flow. However, not all casters can move heavy objects. Single casters may break apart or damage your flooring due to improper use. One popular option is to buy dual-wheel casters to help spread weight better.

Another option is caster wheels heavy duty, which have thicker material and wider wheels. These heavy duty casters have lower heights but are more stable for transporting heavy goods. Their material and design make them less likely to do any damage to the floor. They're also easier to change direction thanks to their joints and wheels.


One issue that casters have is that they move around when you don’t want them to. This can lead to annoyance or even accidents. It could also damage the goods you’re transporting if they roll downhill or hit another object because the wheels didn’t stop turning. To avoid these issues, you can opt for casters with brakes.

Thankfully, safety brakes are a common feature. They either lock into place when you’re not using them or vice versa, depending on the brake’s design. You can also opt for a locking caster which works well when transporting goods. You can lock the caster to keep it stable, then unlock it when you’re on the move.


Some casters have a design that matches the object they pair with. One design is the hooded caster. The hood hides dirt and dust, giving an added clean look. You can also opt for more contemporary designs which have a higher price tag.

One issue with these types of casters is that they can snag onto anything thin enough, like rugs and carpet. They can also accumulate hair and other debris, which requires cleaning now and then. These casters can hold a person's weight but don’t do well moving heavy items.

For transporting heavy items, it’s best to opt for a design that both looks good and performs efficiently, such as heavy duty or stainless steel.


Some industries require a specific feature for their casters. For example, hospitals often deal with mobile equipment that discharges electricity or may require casters for medical beds. With that in mind, they need to be easy to maneuver and easy to clean. Medical grade casters are ideal in this sense, both durable and long-lasting.

In other industries like hospitality, cleanliness and mobility are a must. Chrome and stainless steel casters are well-suited as they are easy to clean and simple to handle. These models can get expensive, but you get what you pay for. The casters are highly resistant to accumulating dirt.

No matter the industry you’re in, choosing the right caster is extremely important.

Consider Your Options

Choosing the right caster helps you make the most out of your investment. Some work better than others when it comes to fulfilling specific purposes. Doing a bit of research before making a purchase is the wise thing to do. If you’re unsure, you can always consult with us for any help on your decision-making. If you have questions regarding casters, contact us or give us a call at 866-306-9566 for assistance. Get in touch today!