Find the Best Industrial Cart for Your Needs at LINCO

At LINCO Casters & Industrial Supplies, we know that every industry has different requirements when it comes to the service carts for their unique operations. That’s why we provide our customers with a range of industrial carts that are designed to fulfill various needs.

Most of these carts may seem like they have the same designs yet they have variations that make them better suited in accomplishing certain tasks within a specific industry. Whether the need is for manufacturing, distribution, storage, logistics, or hospitality, there is an ideal type of industrial cart available to make jobs easier.

Below are the 5 types of industrial carts that we sell at LINCO:

1. Mattress Carts

Mattress carts are made to allow businesses in the hospitality sector to move heavy and bulky mattresses around with ease. These carts are made with durable steel frames that make them perfect for uses where strength and longevity are necessary.

Each mattress cart that rolls out of our warehouse is made with solid caster wheels that easily roll when moved. You’ll be sure to find the custom dolly you need here to transport any mattress you have in mind.

2. Lumber Carts

Our all-terrain lumber carts are great for use at lumberyards and stores. They are capable of hauling heavy loads or light loads depending on your needs. These lumber carts can even be used indoors and outdoors as well.

What makes these carts different from other industrial carts is that they are made with high-quality steel frames, towing arms, and pneumatic tires. You can use them to carry any shape or size of wood from one location to the next.

If you need motorized lumber carts, then LINCO also has you covered. These carts come with large hoppers that allow for maximum carrying capacity for heavy-duty operations.

3. Panel and Sheet Carts

At LINCO, we pride ourselves on providing quality carts and dollies for various sectors. We offer quality panel and sheet carts that are available in different sizes to meet any demand.

These carts are ideal for moving flat pieces of material that are needed for construction and manufacturing such as drywalls and sheet metals. We designed our panel carts to incorporate sturdy caster wheels that make them easy to move no matter the weather or floor surface.

The selection of panel and sheet carts we offer also have swivel wheels that make them easy to steer and control. This means you can maneuver your carts with ease despite hauling heavy materials.

4. Stocking Carts

Stocking carts are great for use in warehouses, groceries, and industrial environments. We offer an excellent range of these carts to meet diverse needs in different sectors.

Our two-shelf stock picking cart is a good choice for those looking to move items efficiently since two shelves can carry more products than one. This type of stocking cart also has a ladder built-in to allow for easy unloading of materials and placing them at different heights.

If you’re looking for a more durable alternative, our heavy-duty stocking carts can hold as much as 1,500 pounds each. These carts have a total of six caster wheels and a double loading bed for easy maneuvering and transportation.

5. Utility Carts

The utility carts we offer at LINCO Casters & Industrial Supplies are great for use in almost any job requirement. These carts can carry and move a wide range of items such as furniture, mattresses, heavy materials, and more.

We also offer utility carts that have built-in cabinets and drawers so that you can easily store and keep your supplies safe during transportation. Carts with storage are great for tradesmen and mechanics that want to move their tools with them wherever they go.


These are the 5 types of industrial carts that we sell at LINCO. All of our carts and dollies that we provide are made with durable materials and caster wheels that allow for easy transportation of heavy materials.

What makes our selection of industrial carts great is that most of them have the all-terrain capability, allowing users to bring them wherever and whenever needed.

Besides these carts, we also offer a variety of other dollies, lifts, carts, and trucks at our store. You can browse our selection of carts and dollies today to see which one would best fit your needs.

If you want us to provide you with a custom dolly design for your unique applications, we’d happily cater to your needs. Leave us a message or give us a call at 866-306-9566 for more details.