How To Make Caster Wheels Quieter

Casters are wonderfully versatile tools for a vast number of businesses and industries. Incorporating casters onto equipment and into your general workflow can significantly boost speed and efficiency without compromising worker safety.

However, casters can also have a few small drawbacks — one of these is the noise that caster wheels generate.

Whether you’re using casters for dollies, tool carts, patient beds, or heavy equipment, excessive noise can be frustrating. While the noise may not affect casters’ mobility or speed of transport, it may affect workers’ productivity. Noise from casters can even adversely affect the client or patient experience, such as in the medical and hospitality industries where quiet environments are important for comfort and ambiance.

Fortunately, it is not only possible but also easy to reduce caster wheel noise. Learn how to make caster wheels quieter and keep your work environment peaceful with our helpful tips.

Choose Softer Caster Wheels

One effective method to reduce caster wheel noise is by opting for softer wheel materials. Take note that the harder the wheel, the more floor chatter — especially if the floor is hard as well.

Compared to hard caster wheels, softer wheel materials can significantly reduce noise transmission. This results in a quieter rolling experience. An excellent example of a softer wheel material is rubber.

Softer caster wheels also offer better shock absorption. This, in turn, contributes to quieter movements. As a bonus, this type of caster wheel is often non-marking, which helps preserve the condition of your floors.

Best Soft Wheel Materials for Noise Reduction

While softer materials are highly recommended for quiet caster wheels, not all materials are made equal. Some offer greater noise reduction and additional benefits than others. Here are four of the top soft materials for quiet caster wheels:

  • Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR). TPR wheels combine the benefits of rubber and plastic. The material offers great shock and noise absorption. The cushioning gives the wheels easy rollability and helps ensure a smooth, quiet ride.
  • Polyurethane (PU). This material is great if you are looking for easy-rolling and silent wheels, even though it’s softer than rubber or TPR. Polyurethane offers a smooth ride even over rough or uneven surfaces by reducing noise-causing vibrations. Moreover, it can maintain both smooth rollability and quieter movements even when carrying heavy loads.
  • Mold-on Rubber. This type of caster wheel consists of a rubber tread that is molded, cast, or permanently bonded onto a metal core. It offers excellent shock and vibration absorption, noise reduction, and floor protection. Mold-on rubber caster wheels also offer excellent grip on floor surfaces.
  • Neoprene. Like PU and TPR, neoprene wheels are also a popular choice among those looking for quiet caster wheels. The material not only offers sufficient cushioning and vibration reduction but also high oil and chemical resistance.

Casters made from these materials significantly minimize noise while also ensuring smooth and effortless mobility, particularly on hard flooring. Generally, a softer, non-marking, TPR caster wheel is an excellent choice for quiet caster wheels.

Look for Sealed Precision Bearings

Sealed precision bearings are specifically designed to reduce friction and ensure smooth rolling motion. Precision-bearing raceways on a swivel caster fork offer similar benefits.

These types of bearings are enclosed within sealed housings or hardened raceways, preventing dust and debris from entering. Keeping dust and debris out helps minimize noise.

Moreover, it also helps prevent premature wear and ensures the caster wheel grease lasts longer. In turn, this further contributes to the caster wheel’s quiet operations. Less wear and tear and prolonged caster wheel life means fewer potential problems that may cause noise or disturbance.

Get Swivel Seals on Larger Casters

Larger caster wheels, often found on heavy-duty equipment or furniture, can generate more noise due to their size and weight. To minimize the noise in such cases, it is recommended to get swivel seals.

Swivel seals are designed to reduce noise by providing a barrier between the swivel-bearing raceway and the environment. They serve a similar purpose as sealed precision bearings or raceways. The swivel seals prevent dirt, debris, and liquids from entering the swivel mechanism, leading to quieter operation and improved durability.

Find the Best Noise Reducing Casters Today

By following these tips, you can create a more comfortable work environment while still enjoying the benefits of greater efficiency and faster transport mobility with quiet caster wheels.

Upgrade your caster wheels today to experience the difference. Visit the LINCO online store to check our selection of quiet caster wheels, both from LINCO and other reputable manufacturers.

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