Linco Has Been A Fixture In The California Manufacturing Scene For 45 Years

Businesses, both large and small have visited our website, or met with our team to find the best caster & wheel solution for the products they manufacture.

We’ve never really bragged about this, but our company excels at designing and engineering custom solutions for our customers. Linco has always been great at taking your product from concept to production. Over the years, we’ve worked with some of the best R&D engineers to create custom caster & wheel solutions for the biggest brands in the country.

Our Strength Is The Ability To Leverage Our Position As A Leader 

In The Caster And Wheel Industry

Linco is proud to offer our customers the most diverse selection of products and brands to choose from.

We work intimately with brands from around the world like Colson, Blickle, Durable, Hamilton, Algood, Trio Pines, Shepherd, Medcaster, Everest, Albion, Landcaster, and B&P to find solutions for your business. 

We Think About Casters So You Don’t Have To

We know casters are not your focus or area of expertise. As our company continues to grow, we will not waver from our focus to design custom solutions for our customers. The services that we offer to your business include but are not limited to:

  • Custom caster and wheel design
    • Application specific designs
    • Custom Colors
    • Extensive Quality Testing
      • Video and Documentation of Testing
      • Products tested to failure per ICWM standards

  • Stocking plans and, Managed inventory.
    • We always have a stocked warehouse full of standard catalogue items.
    • Can utilize warehouses all over the continental US.
    • 100% Inspection / Onsite QC
    • JIT Delivery to keep your Inventory Levels Low
  • Logistics solutions and support.
    • Linco Fleet of Trucks for Local Delivery
    • Daily FTL + LTL Shipments – Our volumes are high, so our rates stay low

No Matter Where You Are, Our Sales Team Is Ready To Support You

Linco’s Outside Sales Reps are available to meet with customers Nationwide. We offer onsite Evaluation of products and conditions. Our Caster and Wheel surveys will ensure you get the right solution for your application.

With over 45 years of experience, we will take the kinks out of the supply chain for your company.

You Move The World And Linco Moves You!

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Ryan & Evan Patterson