Which Casters Are Best on Hardwood Floors

Choosing the best caster for your hardwood floors can be tricky, whether it’s for your home or business. There are plenty of furniture casters available that will suit your needs. Which casters work best on hardwood floors? Well, it depends. The kind you purchase should fit the weight of your furniture and functionality you are looking for. You can choose from our collection of casters — such as nylon casters, urethane casters, polyurethane-coated casters, neoprene rubber casters, or hardwood casters — to suit your hardwood floors.

Nylon Casters

When choosing the best caster for your hard floor, it is best to consider the weight of the object and function you need the caster for. Furniture casters provide support for your items and help protect your hardwood floor.

For lightweight pieces of furniture such as office chairs, tables, and desks, we recommend that you consider purchasing nylon casters. These nylon casters are commonly used for chairs and other lightweight furniture. They are smooth enough to avoid damaging your hardwood floors, making it a favorable choice. Additionally, nylon casters are more affordable and come in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes.

Hard Urethane Casters

Comparable to nylon casters, hard urethane casters are also a good fit for lightweight furniture. They offer smoother coverage, giving your hardwood floors more protection and reducing damage. Compared to nylon casters, hard urethane casters are also affordable and proven to be durable in the long run.

Polyurethane-coated Casters

On the other hand, if you have heavier furniture that weighs over 100 pounds, you should consider purchasing polyurethane casters to shield your hardwood floors. Unlike the two types of casters mentioned above, polyurethane casters work best to avoid substantial damage to your hardwood floor. It uses a metal wheel covered by the softest and sturdiest form of polyurethane coat. It allows your furniture to glide easily on the hardwood floor and remain undamaged. In short, polyurethane casters provide a great deal of protection for your hardwood floors while giving you the best mobility for heavier furniture.

Neoprene Rubber Casters

Heavier furniture and items require the ultimate hardwood floor casters. If your furniture or items weigh about 200 pounds or more, then neoprene rubber casters are the top choice for you. Compared to polyurethane casters, neoprene rubber casters are customizable to be more dense or soft depending on your particular needs. Another good thing about neoprene rubber casters is that they are quiet when gliding. All of these factors are vital for choosing the best caster for your hardwood floors protection in the long run. Furthermore, neoprene rubber casters are also available in different sizes, colors, and styles to fit your aesthetic and functional needs.

Hardwood Casters

Hardwood casters were originally created to protect your hardwood floors at all times. Additionally, they were manufactured to reduce scratches and impact while gliding smoothly on your hardwood floors. Moreover, they are cost-effective since they prevent any future damage to your hardwood floors. We recommend hardwood casters for lightweight furniture such as chairs and other items that weigh at least 100 pounds. Remember that hardwood casters are targeted toward hardwood floors and do not work well with rugs and mats.

Other than choosing the best casters for your hardwood floors, there are additional steps you can take to protect your hardwood flooring. You can opt to purchase area rugs to reduce friction and lessen damage to your hardwood flooring. However, make sure it fits the type of casters you will be getting to optimize your glide and further protect your hardwood floors.

Choosing the Best Caster for Hardwood Floors

Whether you need casters for your business or home, protecting your hardwood floor can be a challenging experience for some. At LINCO Casters and Industrial Supply , we are here to guide you. We provide a wide range of services catered to helping you get the best casters for your hardwood floors and other industrial supply needs. Take note that there are also different hardwood floorings, and some are softer than others. It is vital to choose the best furniture caster for your hardwood floors. Let us help you decide and make the best choice to protect your hardwood floor. Contact our experts or give us a call toll-free at 866-306-9566, and we will gladly guide you through caster needs.