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Does your company require unique handtrucks that are not available on our catalog? Are you having trouble finding a quality-focused moving equipment shop that can fabricate the custom hand trucks your business needs? At Linco, we can fabricate a host of customized hand trucks tailored to your work requirements.

We take great pride in offering a tremendous selection of hand trucks in our inventory. Besides, companies across the United States in industries such as hospitality, food services, aerospace, logistics, and many others have trusted us whenever they need high-quality custom hand trucks with minimum lead time.

We have the facilities and expertise to handle your custom handtruck fabrication. We use materials including aluminum and steel depending on your cargo moving needs. 

For any custom handtruck orders, we provide a variety of options to choose from in:

  • Loop handle
  • Wheels
  • Frames
  • Handle
  • Nose Plates
  • Axles
  • Accessories

In wheels, we provide solid or pneumatic filled tiresand this depends on the terrain and the working environment. You can also go with two or four-wheel hand trucks.

In terms of frames for custom handtrucks, we can make for you a straight back frame, curved back frame, or lattice back frame depending on your needs. 

For handles, you can ask to incorporate one from:

  • Loop handle
  • Straight loop with single or double grip
  • Straight loop with vertical grip
  • Standard loop with foam or plastic comfort grip
  • Double grip with bracket

Moreover, we can also fabricate collapsible custom hand trucks for you if you are constantly on the go and are short on storage space.

All in all, Linco makes custom hand trucks for any given preference based on customer’s input.

If you are in need of custom handtrucks,  just fill out the form now and one of our solutions experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

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