Linco 4" Heavy Duty Steel Swivel Caster Wheels | Set of 4 Wheels Cart Swivel Casters with Cast Iron Wheels | Total Capacity: 4000 lbs

  • SKU CWL - 0011125
  • Weight 50.00 LBS
  • Height 12.00 (in)
  • Width 12.00 (in)
  • Depth 12.00 (in)
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    • MADE WITH HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE | These heavy duty steel swivel casters are made of cast iron with ¼” thick steel leg construction and double bearing raceways, ⅝” diameter permanent rivet kingpin, and ½” axle with grease zerk and lock nut. It has an industrial zinc finish making it great for utility cart wheels.
    • CASTERS FOR YOUR EVERY NEED | Linco has an extensive inventory of swivelling casters and wheels that are perfect for any cart with wheels for all your transportation needs. This particular model of heavy duty cast iron wheel has the following specifications - L 5” x W 4.5” x H 5.5” and a 5 lb weight | Caster Bearings Type: Roller | Swivel Wheel Radius: 3.38 inches | Capacity of each rotating wheel: 1000 lbs
    • ULTIMATE MOBILITY SOLUTION | Our extensive selection of heavy duty swivel caster and industrial wheels can accommodate any need imaginable. We provide the best option for all your caster needs. Our heavy duty wheel casters’ high strength withstands sharp impacts. These should not be used if noise is of major concern or if loads are fragile. Excessive load weights might also affect the floorings.
    • USER SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY | We ensure the safety of the users because we believe that it is important to maintain a safe working environment. These heavy caster wheels are sturdy and safe to operate under high load conditions. It has a RoHS compliant industrial zinc finish, is NSF listed, and made in an ISO-certified factory.
    • DECADES OF GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM LINCO | In our five decades of service, we have grown from a local mom-and-pop material handling company into one of the leading wheels and casters distributors in the United States. We carry an extensive inventory of heavy duty swivel caster. We take pride in our great customer service. With us, you can keep your business moving.


    Product Description

    Linco 4” Heavy Duty Steel Swivel Caster Wheels

    Linco has an extensive inventory of casters and wheels that’s perfect for all your transportation needs. We accommodate every caster option possible. Our products are made with steel structures that are hard-wearing, durable, and sturdy.

    caster wheel for easy product transport

    Heavy Duty Steel Swivel Caster Wheels


    Dimensions, Wheel Type, and Capacity


    • Caster Wheels Dimensions: L 5” x W 4.5” x H 5.5”
    • Wheel Type: Cast Iron
    • Capacity: 1000 lbs each


    Bearing and Swivel Radius


    • Bearing Type: Roller
    • Swivel Radius: 3.38”


    Ultimate Mobility Solution


    • Perfect for all your transportation needs
    • Withstands sharp impacts
    • High noise level
    • Not applicable for fragile and excessive weight loads


    Linco 4 inch Heavy Duty Steel Swivel Caster Wheels

    Product information

    Technical Details

    Manufacturer ‎LINCO
    Brand ‎LINCO
    Item Weight ‎5 pounds
    Product Dimensions ‎5 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches
    Material Type ‎Cast Iron
    Manufacturer Part Number

    ‎CWL - 0011125



    provides industrial casters in a range of sizes, options, and safety features. Our casters are available from a variety of brand names to assure you that we can provide the matching replacement caster wheels with the proper size and fit for any of your repair needs. With approximately eight hundred caster wheels coming from 6 different brands, you will easily find the part you are looking for. Our industrial casters come in the most common and uncommon sizes including sizes 3”, 3-1/2”, 4”, and 5”. Locking and non-locking casters are also available for convenience and safety purposes to insure your equipment stays in the specified space. We offer two versions of locking wheel; either top locking or total lock to accommodate your specific preference or need.